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Minnesota Dry Ice Blasting "A Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Alternative."
"A Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Alternative."

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Dry ice blasting is effective as a cleaning process for a wide array of applications from

  • assembly mold cleaning,
  • dried ink and paint removal,
  • heavy duty maintenance grease and oil removal,
  • cooking oil, sugars, flowers, mold cleaning,
  • almost any type of adhesives

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The process is an environmentally safe alternative to standard abrasive cleaning. High density dry ice pellets are readily available making the process cost effective. Because of the evaporative nature of the cleaning media (dry ice pellets), there is no secondary waste stream: solvents, water, sand, baking soda.

The cleaning process can be used on-line without damage to equipment or parts (bearings, gears, wire coatings, electronics.) Cleaning can even be achieved without time consuming machine teardowns. Dry ice blasting is safe and dependable.

Our units are compact and portable offering easy access to your cleaning site. The blasting equipment is maintained and operated under standard 110V electrical power and uses common air and diesel air compressor systems. This cleaning process introduces a viable solution to specialized and intricate industrial cleaning applications.

The benefits of dry ice blasting are proven - it's faster, easier and more cost effective than traditional cleaning methods.

See a technical paper about the fundamental of dry ice blasting!

Powerful - Non-abrasive - No secondary waste stream

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