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"A Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Alternative."

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We are experienced in dry ice cleaning. Only after demonstrating the cleaning process and completing an analysis of your cleaning requirements will we conclude if the dry ice blasting process is best for your application. Minnesota Dry Ice Blasting is an exclusive Minnesota distributor of the ColdJet® ice blasting equipment.

We offer an environmentally safe alternative to cleaning equipment of all types and sizes. Whether your application is large or small, we have the system.

ColdJet 2000VSH
ColdJet 2000VSH

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A full-pressure (up to 300 psi), single-hose blast system, the Cold Jet® 2000 VSH incorporates patented radial feeder technology that ensures optimum pellet delivery and pulse-free blasting at all pressure ranges. The result is greater productivity and increased flexibility for you.

ColdJet Venturi 2000
ColdJet Venturi 2000

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A simple electric dual hose blast system, the ColdJet® Venturi 2000 is reliable and effective and it costs significantly less than sophisticated, more aggressive single-hose systems.

Powerful - Non-abrasive - No secondary waste stream

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